Dangers of Democracy by Udo U

After many years of frustration with the political system in Nigeria I wanted to investigate the issues with democracy. Democracy, as described by Abraham Lincoln is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. In order to work, a representative democracy, requires a system of institutions, the constitution and the law. The […]

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Óisin Meets Óisin

I had the privilege to have an extra workshop with author Óisin McGann. Instead of talking about writing he taught us a little bit of drawing. He taught us about the face, hands and perception. Personally I loved this as I am big into art and love it. My favourite thing about the lesson was to […]

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Check Out The Czechs by Matej B

I wanted to write about the country I left when I was just eight months old. The Czech Republic has a population of 10.52 million people and is mostly surrounded by mountains. It is on the border with Germany and Poland. In summer the temperature can get up to 35*C and in winter it can get as cold as –20*C. When it […]

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